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Maximize Post Workout Recovery for Extreme Results

The period of time immediately after a workout is as crucial as the time you spent at the gym. In order to replenish energy levels and prevent a crash, it’s necessary to restore essential nutrients during this critical time – Dominant Testo’s All Natural formulation is your ticket to better recovery and faster gains.

Natural Ingredients to Support Advanced Endurance & Recovery

Dominant Testo’s All-Natural formula deliver nutrients the body craves to recover after stringent workouts. This unique blend delivers, restores and revitalises the body's muscles for a faster recover time.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract

A natural herb referred to as a “testosterone booster”. It’s often associated with aiding in increasing libido, muscle building, and general mood improvement.

Horny Goat Weed

A natural compound understood to have a variety of health benefits and thought to have links to protecting against certain types of hormone-dependent cancers.

Fenugreek Extract

A natural herb known to have a range of overall health benefits, including enhancing men’s sex drive and masculinity.

Delivering Peak Performance

Dominant Testo’s Natural Testosterone Booster is a great source of minerals and other nutrients that support your muscles metabolic processes in recovery and aiding in reduction of occasional soreness after workouts. Dominant Testo’s Natural Testosterone Booster is the best solution for maximizing on the gains and results – helping you achieve the dream physique you have always craved.

  • Post Training Testosterone Replacement

    An intense workout will leave the body depleted of testosterone. Fenugreek and Tribulus help replace that testosterone, allowing for a faster recovery time.

  • Endurance Edge

    Balanced proportions of Pyridoxine HCI, Zinc Citrate and Vitamins helps increase strength and energy along with delivering essential antioxidants to the muscles.

  • Premium Ingredients Matrix

    A rigorous workout often leaves you physically depleted. Our premium ingredients ensure overall wellness, enhanced recovery and faster repair.

  • Ultimate Recvery Matrix

    Dominant Testo employs a combination of natural herbs, plant extracts and compounds that supply essential nutrients for a better muscle build. These also assist with rapid recovery after a workout. .

How to Get Results with Refuel Extreme

  • Plate with chicken beans with content that says: Healthy Diet. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water
  • Man lifting weight with content that says: Workout. Build and exercise routine that works best for your body.
  • Man taking a supplement pill with content that says: Take Refuel Extreme. Take 2 tablets, 30 minutes immediately after exercise.

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